ThunderVoice Hat Co. carries on the lineage of Native Fashion that emerged from a collaboration of cultures.


With that generational linage, we also honor the tradition of caring for Mother Earth. We have researched and found what we believe is the best way to avoid fast fashion and the waste created by it.

Instead of mass-producing, we reclaim. By reclaiming we buy used/unwanted hats, leather scraps, shirts, feathers, and more. We give them new life through our Native design. 

As we grow and learn we look for more ways to be sustainable.

By reclaiming we can reuse what has already been made. Giving us and Mother Earth a chance to heal.


How We Reclaim

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ThunderVoice Hat Co. carries on the lineage of Native Fashion that emerged from a collaboration of cultures. The Iconic Navajo Brim hat has spanned through the ages, as a reminder of generations past. 


Each hat is vintage hand-sourced, steamed and shaped, creatively visioned, and lovingly made. Each hat holds stories, purpose, and the hope that you wear it with pride and meaning.


Find your signature hat here.



What does it mean that we source everything by hand and repurpose/reclaim? 


It means leather store scraps, and old garage sales, and every antique store just off the road, and cutting off the best parts of that old couch in the alley, and the tiniest lonely conchos in the pawnshop.

It means driving out into the desert to meet with a woman selling her father's old hat, hoping it finds a new life elsewhere.

It means days spent scouring thrift stores for softened T-Shirts.

It means mornings spent hiking into shooting fields in AZ and picking through the junk and wreckage left behind, pulling out bullet casings, and placing crystals and stones into them.

It means steam cleaning, sageing, reshaping, and watching as the old items come to life.

It means TVHC actually hand sources these items. We meet the people selling them, shakes their hand, and tell them it will be reclaimed into something new.



Why Reclaimed?



Because, like you, we’re learning about the massive impact fast fashion, mass production, and disposal of clothing has on Mother Earth. 


Instead of consuming more resources, we find ways to reuse what we have been given already. Thunder Voice grew up listening to his parents talk about how sacred animals are. That Creator in his wisdom gave us ways to sustain our earthly experience. Plants and animals that would care for themselves, and one day be food for us and the earth. The same path of life we would follow. But as these sacrifices were made for us to exist, we needed to respect and honor every piece of the plant and animal. Because you see, that without them we could not exist. With what they provided us, even the energy for our bodies, we would honor them by doing good things. Beautiful buckskin shirts were made, intricately beaded moccasins, long wood bows, medicines and teas, and many other creations were used and never discarded. To honor this cycle of life, Thunder Voice Eagle searches for the finest reclaimed vintage hats, discarded leather, old coins, vintage t-shirts, and jewelry in his travels. Discarded elements are combined together to make the hats, jewelry, and apparel you see today. They are a statement of how we can reuse and honor all elements of creation.