Custom Hat E-Gift Card

Custom Hat E-Gift Card


Custom Hat E-Gift Card


We know finding a signature hat is a personal decision.


But we also know giving gifts is a beautiful practice.


TVHC is releasing 5 custom hats to gift to your loved ones.


The price point of 1200.00 reflects the additional work of hand sourcing a custom hat to your specifications, and the expected wait for your hat is 3-6 months upon confirmation of its details. 


How does it work?

1. You purchase a digital "gift card”

2. We send you an email with a downloadable coupon that includes a link to an online custom hat order form, and your unique order number.

4. Your loved one will have the chance to go online and order their custom, signature, TVHC Hat. (Size, Color, Shape, Hat Band Style, and up to 3 elements)


*please note it can take up to 6 months to complete a custom hat! Why? Every piece is hand sourced, hand stitched, hand shaped, with love!