Sacred Sage Brush (SPECIAL)

Sacred Sage Brush (SPECIAL)


In honor of Indigeous Peoples' Day, we are releaseing a new series to commemorate the change of “Columbus Day” to Indigenous Peoples' Day. Many cities and states have made the change as a reconciling act to the indigenous people.


Thank you to all those who have helped. We are releasing a small series of 25 signed and numbered prints of SACRED Sage Brush in two sizes: 8"x10” and 11”x14”

Dedicated to all those beautiful warrior women. The ones that gave without looking for anything in return. Who sacrificed with no thought of recognition. To the mothers who fought for a better life for us. For the sisters that made us smile. For the lovers that taught us strength and compassion. And the grandmothers that showed love unconditional. Like a beautiful desert brush, your roots run deep; you withstand the harshest seasons with finesse. We are nothing if not a product of those beautiful warrior women.

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    The Archival Acid-free Artist Print Paper This paper has a richly smooth texture that will capture the eye as much as your imagery. The natural white paper has a matte finish which keeps the colors rich, while the gradations between tones is both smooth and subtle. It contains no OBAs (Optical Brightening Agents) and is made of 100% cotton rag, which is naturally acid-free and of archival quality