A Message About USPS



As you are aware, the Postal Service of the United States has been an essential part of American lives and economy. This is especially true for those on the fringes. Even in this internet age, for Native and rural communities, the Postal Service can be their only connection to the outside world.


As a company, we support communities. We ask you to stand with us. 


For this reason we have continued to use the United States Postal Service. Please be aware this comes with delays in delivery due to reduced staffing and other Covid related issues. To combat this, we are working with our local Postal Carrier, Lori. 


One of the changes we will be making is to only print shipping labels when the order is completed and ready to ship. This will minimize the delay from us to the USPS. And you can be assured the order is complete and just waiting to be handed off to the USPS. 


A second change we are making is have Laura pick up twice a week. She does this at the end of her run and she hand scans each package. This ensures that USPS receives the package in a timely manner and we can confirm receipt of your package. 


These changes may not get your order to you faster, but it will help us keep track and create verifiable accountability. 


In this consumer culture of immediate gratification, our hope is to continue with our mission of Reharmonization. We accept our responsibility to the communities around us and close to our hearts.

Thank you for being a part of our community. 

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