Each hat is a vintage piece that has been sourced

just for you. That being said, each hat has developed

character and been loved before it is passed along to you.

The character includes the normal wear you may

expect when an item has been cherished and used with care.

Please treat your hat with care.



Pro tips:


+ Your hat can handle a bit of water, but try and keep them dry

+ Your hat sits best on flat surfaces or hanging on a wall

+ Reach out with any specific questions about

care and we are more than happy to help

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Why do we use repurposed materials?

Reclaiming and recycling.

We want to use what is discarded and give it new life.

To teach people to use everything with purpose.

There are plenty of beautiful vintage hats and sturdy

worn leather to repurpose for your signature hat.



Why sage?

The sage is a gift from us to you.

Hand-grown and sourced.



+ Credit / Debit Cards- 





Wholesale Inquiries


please email us at april@thundervoicehatco.com