We appreciate you taking the time to learn about cultural appropriation. 

For generations, our people have suffered from cultural appropriation. Corporations and companies take our sacred designs, symbols, and colors to replicate knockoff designs and products that look and appear Native-made or Native designed. 

In this way, they profit off of our culture and cause harm through further romanticizing and misrepresenting our culture and people causing mass trauma.

While non-Native-owned or operated companies reap the benefits of cultural appropriation, many tribes struggle with their own economy. In several reservations, like ours, many people are without electricity or running water.

ThunderVoice Eagle and many other Native-owned and operated companies are reclaiming our designs.

To learn more about the cultural appropriation of Native people, please read the information below. 

A History of
Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation

What is cultural appropriation? Cultural appropriation is  


Why does cultural appropriation matter? It matters because

What is mass trauma? Mass trauma is when

What is the difference between appropriation and appreciation? The key difference between 


What does it mean for us? ThunderVoice Eagle has envisioned TVHC to be a gateway for us, Native people, to regain our cultural designs and

What does it mean for you? You can 


How can you help? Excellent question! Support Native-owned businesses. Big or small, Native businesses need support to keep creating and improving. By purchasing true Native-made you help a Native business and Native artisans to take true ownership of their designs, their culture, and help them become more self-sustainable. 


Other ways to help: You can follow, support, and donated to many different Native organizations. 


Resources to learn more: Here are some great resources to lear more